Christianity and the LGBT Community in Hong Kong

Christianity and the LGBT Community in Hong Kong

By Stacy Caprio


Religion, in the Hong Kong LGBT community, can be a touchy subject. Some Christian churches interpret the bible in a way that excludes all LGBT behavior and labels it as “immoral.” One such organization is the Society of Truth and Light. Others, however accept LGBT members, and one such example is the Blesssed Minority Christian Fellowship church.

Arthur Tam, an editor for the queer section of Timeout magazine in Hong Kong, shares his positive outlook on LGBTs and religion in Hong Kong saying,“Generally it’s pretty much accepted, other than your radical Evangelicals that are pretty much everywhere that like to voice out against it. “

A Christian church specifically for the gay community is The Blessed Minority Christian fellowship which has over 100 members, and is dedicated to the goal of “reconciling faith with sexual identity and orientation.” Another is the Kowloon Union church, so there are accepting faith community options to choose from for the LGBT Christians in Hong Kong.

Arthur concludes by saying, “So just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you don’t have faith or you didn’t grow up in a religious background.”

Anshuman Das, a Pink Season LGBT event organizer, comments with a less optimistic view on LGBT and Christianity in Hong Kong . He mentions the Society for Truth and Light as one Christian organization that is particularly zealous about pouring money in to stop progress against equal rights for LGBT people.

Anshuman comments that the Christian Society for Truth and Light is in actuality, “nothing but lies and darkness” due to it’s active discrimination and condemnation toward LGBTs.

He goes on to state the influence groups like this have had in Hong Kong. In 2011 the Hong Kong government’s Social Welfare Department hired Psychiatrist Hong Kwai-Wah to hold a workshop for it’s staff, teaching them that you can cure gays by making them take cold showers and through other forms of therapy.

Das remarks, “The problem is they bring religion into this and some people just follow religion without even thinking. They take advantage of the people’s innocence or ignorance. “

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